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Buying a Franchise - some common questions:
  • Are there hidden or unexpected costs?

  • Are there any other surprises?

  • What will the franchisor do for their royalty fee?

  • How will the advertising levy be spent?

  • Can I opt out if the franchise does not work out and run my own business?

  • Can the franchisor set up another outlet close to me?

  • Can the franchisor take away my business for any reason?

  • How easy is it to sell the franchise?

  • What happens when my renewal comes up?

  • What happens when the lease is up for renewal?

  • In reality what training and support is provided?

  • Will the franchisor take some responsibility to make me a success?

  • What protection does the Franchise Code of Conduct provide for me?

Selling a Franchise:
  • How do I get my business ready for sale?

  • How do I sell my business?

  • What are the tax implications of selling my business?

  • How can I maximize my net return on the sale?

You will understand the special risks and issues of operating a franchised business

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